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Rafting at Karnali(Nepal)

This is probably the most definitive Himalayan whitewater adventure of all, which even includes a two day trek to the river start point. Set in the most remote, least explored western region of Nepal, THE KARNALI is a magnificent river and this expedition is indeed unique and not for the fainthearted.
To reach our put-in point requires first a two day road journey thought the Tereai, then the two days trek from Nepal's lowland east/west highway. From Surkhet the trail climbs over low passes past isolated villages. Then the river 40 major rapids in the first four days. The total white water 165 kms is the distance. It takes for the river to make a huge westerly hairpin bend, finally forging a course through the Himalaya's middle hills. The surroundings are almost sheer wilderness with the wildlife. mainly monkeys, deer and colorful birds- creating an awe inspiring sense of genesis.

Duration:12 Days
Departure Point:Kathmandu
Rafting Starting Point:Karleghat
Rafting Ending Point:Chisapani
River Grade-Class:IV-V
Trekking:2 Days
River Distance: 165 Kms
Onward Travel Time:2 Days
Return Time:2 Days
Departure:Fix Departure


DAY 01:
Breakfast in hotel. Depart for Bhalubang/Lamahi.Lunch en-route and dinner at Bhalubang or Lamahi.Overnight at simple lodging.
DAY 02:
Simple breakfast and depart.Lunch en-route.Turn off on to road that climbs to Surkhet.Short walk out of Surkhet and camp in forest
DAY 03:
Wake up call, tea, coffee, breakfast - Start trek - unspoiled scenery. Lunch under huge banyan tree near the village school. Continue at gentle pace. Excellent campsite in a dell wiht a buffalo pond. Friendly, inquisitive local people.
DAY 04:
A second nice day's trekking.Down to small remote river valley,then uphill to a brilliant panoramic view.Easy descent,then suddenly stretching below us.THE KARNALI RIVER-Arrive at small riverside village of Karleghat.Set up camp on ideal beach.
DAY 05:
Safety talk & demo.1st Major rapids before camp beneath great grey crag.
DAY 06:
"Human for Lunch" "Jailhouse Rock" etc. Wall-to-wall Whitewater all day. Perfect deserted beach camp
DAY 07:
"God's House, "Rafter's Trap, Flip & Strip," Lost Mutt"-perhaps the most incredible day's rafting of all.
DAY 08:
Some good rapids. also a lazy beautiful drift cruising through river rock canyon.
DAY 09:
Perfect forest scenery with towering cliffs and crags-recurring features of this magnificent river
DAY 10:
Morning rapids easy for experts then catching the current to drift to joureney's end.Take out at the Chisapani Suspension bridge.Drive to Bardia National Park and Lunch.Free time for park visit.Dinner.
DAY 11:
Depart after breakfast, Lunch en-route. Dinner at Narayanghat.Overnight at simle lodge.
DAY 12:
Simple breakfast, and depart for Kathmandu. Lunch en-route. Arrive Kathmandu approx. 2.00 pm.

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